River 1

For me the last few years have been spent learning new techniques and enhancing my process workflows. I firmly believe in photography, as in life, that the time we stop learning is the time to give in. I enjoy looking at the work of other photographers, analysing their work and looking at ways to apply those techniques in my work but in a way that I hope is unique rather than a simple copy.

Today’s image was taken on my recent trip to Cornwall. The original file was off course RAW and colour, I opened it in Lightroom and applied a high contrast filter in NIK Silver Effex, but felt it was slightly lacking. I saved and re opened in Photoshop, still could not quite get what I wanted before again dipping into Silver Effex and applying the Fine Art filter with a few tweaks. The final image was brought back into Photoshop, a few minor tweaks made to blur the edges a little and then I decided to stop. It’s easy to keep making tweaks until you have gone to far, I find it much harder to stop before this point but by having an idea in mind before processing I find it is easier to control the urge to tweak.

12 responses to “River 1

  1. I really like this, Chris. This is the type of image that I love more each time I look at it. Well done. I also like what you say in the blog about keeping images unique and not tweaking too much. I’m quite guilty of over-tweaking at times. 🙂

    • I think we can all be guilty of over tweaking at times Jennifer. I noticed a trend lately, where the style of an HDR almost indicates which package was used rather than which photographer took the image, I’m trying to move away from that

  2. I think the soft focus vignette was a clever touch here, Chris. It really helps keep the eye on the movement in the heart of the image.

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