London 2012 Olympic Cycle Race(s)


Let me start by saying I’m not a big Olympics fan, sure I admire the stadiums, sort of liked the opening ceremony but the cost is immense and the traffic is in a mess. However I do like cycling, I did a bit in my younger days and love the sport so the chance to see British riders on home soil when they are currently top of the pile is a chance not to be passed up lightly, the fact it passes 5 mins from my home well I just had to go and the camera had to come.

Here’s a selection from the Men’s and Women’s races.

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12 responses to “London 2012 Olympic Cycle Race(s)

    • Thanks Mark, I had a couple of spots where I knew I could get some good shots, I picked this location as it was a) 5 mins from home so I could watch a lot of the race and the finish in comfort and b) was on the outside of a 90 degree bend so they would have to slow down and come straight at me.

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