Whitstable Revisited

I returned to Whitstable in Kent this weekend ready to add to my collection of images from this little seaside town but events and weather conspired against me. The best I managed was a phone picture inside a pub. Still the beer was good and I took the chance to reprocess some images from a previous trip.

I had originally shot these images as sets of RAW files for HDR processing and have posted some of the HDR versions on this blog. In some cases I thought the processing could have been better but I was also interested to see what could be achieved with a single RAW and Lightroom.


as mentioned all shots were single RAW files processed in Lightroom 4

To counter the strong lighting I tended to work with files that had been exposed for the main subject (or lightest area of image)

I then used a combination of graduated filter and local burning to introduce detail into the other areas i.e. lighten foregrounds and / or burn skies as well as add shadow detail.

I also used a graduated filter to change the colour temperature of the skies to introduce the mix of warm pink and deep blue


11 responses to “Whitstable Revisited

  1. Truly terrific, Chris! Love the feel of the tones and hues you’ve captured here in the blue hour like that! Your architecture is so full of great character, and I love how it integrates into the surroundings like this. All top drawer, my fine friend!

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