Death comes to us all….


I guess I should qualify that title, but do I need to? As a title it’s fairly catchy and self explanatory, above all it’s true. But there is a little more to it than that, or at least the reason I chose it as a title.

The last few weekends have seen me wandering cemeteries in the West London, not looking for a recently departed relative or friend, but to explore the Victorian grandeur and marvel at the care and cost that people spent as a memorial to a family member.

I have a few things going on work wise at the moment so I may be feeling a little morbid, but the location also got me thinking that nothing lasts forever, not me or you, not my words or even pictures. That’s possibly a little sad when you think about it, but then change is inevitable so perhaps we should embrace change and not look to build a monument to the present. Move onwards, pass through life being changed by life but not changing it.

Anyway, to the picture above. It was taken at Brompton Cemetery in West London and is the only Cemetery in London to be managed by the Royal Parks. IT is overlooked by Stamford Bridge (the home of Chelsea FC to those who care about such things) and is nestled inbetween the slightly upmarket Chelsea / Knightsbridge and run down Earls Court.

The Cemetery was more like a park, with kids on bikes and scooters, joggers and dog walkers plus the occasional drunk weaving around the graves.

This is possibly the favourite shot of the day for me, and it is almost straight out of camera, the only real adjustments were to slightly desaturate the background grass and tidy up a little with some local dodging.



6 responses to “Death comes to us all….

  1. Oh no, Chris. I am so sorry to hear about your problems there, this sounds like a real struggle for you my friend. You and your family are most certainly in our thoughts and prayers. I really hope something awesome turns up quickly for you there.

    This shot is really something else, I really enjoyed it. I find art in cemeteries myself, one of my favorite places to shoot. Best of luck my friend.

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