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It’s been a while since I managed to get inspired enough to get out and shoot, the weather has been so poor it has just not been there for me. Instead I’ve been looking back through the archives and having a bit of a clean out when I came across a set of images I took in Cornwall last summer.

I’d already processed and shared a couple of the shots but realise I had left a good many untouched so have been having fun processing.

The above image was taken at just past a non existent sunset, blue hour decided not to show either, but the wind was fierce and onshore so I figured I could get some Long Exposures and crashing waves. I did not figure just how bad the wind was or how high the surf, the foam was blowing off the crests and covering me, the rocks and the equipment equally. The wind made walking on the wet rocks tricky and the  surf was rising several feet at a time making it treacherous and very wet where I was stood with the swell coming up waste height.

Technical bits:

Olympus E-500 / 40-150 Zuiko @118mm

ISO 100

1/15 @ f22


Lightroom 4 – WB adjust, sharpen, straighten, adjust exposure, brush in shadow / highlight adjustments


4 responses to “Crash

    • It was pretty wild Andy, I thought the tripod was going over most of the time and there were great lumps of foam blowing all around the cove, fortunately the filter and lens hood protected the lens and I had a bag wrapped around the camera.

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