Shifting Sands

Sands of Time

It was a grey Easter weekend, we had gone to the coast to get a little peace, take a few photos and chill. Last Easter we went to the same beach and it was sweltering with bright blue skies, this year it was wet, windy and oh so grey.

We stopped and looked at the dismal sight before us, was it even worth getting the cameras out? Not one to be outdone by mere trifles such as the weather we continued undaunted. I decided as landscapes would be pretty poor I would go for abstracts and close up shots and see what would come.

The beach in question was Dungeness in Kent, for those who are not aware, Dungeness is officially a desert, the only one on the UK mainland although it seemed pretty wet to me.

Dungeness is also a pebble beach not sand, but the low light gave me a chance to try a technique I have been itching to for a while; I selected my highest aperture to get a slow shutter speed and panned along the horizon. An ND would have helped as I had a shutter speed around 1/15 so panning was pretty rapid but it seems to have worked OK.

All in I think I succeeded in getting around 6 workable shots from the day; better than I had hoped so the motto is don’t give up.

28 responses to “Shifting Sands

  1. That’s a brilliant shot – you obviously got the right mix of pan speed and shutter. What makes this so good is that bright area where the surf meets the sand.

    • Thanks Karen. It was too long a drive to give up at the first hurdle. When plan A went out of the window plan B was brought into effect. I had planned to spend the day shooting landscapes but decided to focus on abstracts instead.

    • thanks Mark. It was a grey, dismal day, the mist / cloud was obscuring the power station so I did not hold out much hope of getting any decent shots

    • It says so on Wikipedia so it must be true!!! But yes, Dungeness is an official desert, not the sand and camel type but based on water fall etc. in a similar way to the Antartic (I think)

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