I’ve always loved colonnades; they make for great patterns and this is no exception. I caught site of this example in a graveyard and new I needed to get a shot or two, only problem was that the area was cordoned off as the area was unsafe, easy solution; ignore the sign and the cordon.

I chose to shoot from this angle to capture the receding patterns that the colonnades, flagstones and shadows made. The straight lines of the symmetry and geometry  and the way it is juxtaposed against the broken slabs and decay makes for a great feeling of dichotomy, especially when viewed in the context of it’s setting; man attempts to bring order and build things to last a lifetime, nature fights back and wins.



22 responses to “Perspective

  1. Great series of different textures in this image, Chris. There is so much to look at and absorb. Perfect POV so that not one single texture/color dominates too much.

    • Thanks Mark. IT was one of those shots that just happened, I saw it from a distance, walked straight to the point set up and shot.
      I didn’t really think about it, it just felt right. I looked around after and could not find a better angle.

    • Thanks Len. It was the lines that attracted me, then when I started processing I felt I needed to bring out the textures of the stone and plaster.

  2. I’m gonna travel with Curt on this one, that is an INCREDIBLE vanishing point! Loooove it, my friend. And the soft shadows from the natural light streaming in from the right really accents some of the natural elements at play here. Absolutely top drawer. And I love your post, as well, really appreciate your choice of words and expression here, my friend. Top drawer!

    • Thanks Toad my friend, I really appreciate your comments and those of my peers. I produce photos that I like and it’s always good to know that they are hitting the right note with those whose opinions I value

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