Girls School L – The Upper Rooms

Made in Britain

Having made our way up the Grand staircase we reach the upper floors of this wonderful building. These rooms would have been used as bedrooms or dorms by the young ladies who were educated here.

As the picture above depicts, these rooms are showing signs of heavy decay, plaster from holes in the wall and ceiling litters the floor, a radiator leans against the wall presumably after removal of the copper piping. Holes in the ceiling expose the wattle under the plaster and gives clues to the conditions underfoot.

The Best View of Heaven

Any good exploration of a girls school HAS to include the bathroom. Unfortunately there was a lack of privileged young ladies bathing during my visit but the opulence the enjoyed is there for all to see.

I was particularly struck by the inspiring message adorning the tiles, one can only hope this was not written by a pupil.


15 responses to “Girls School L – The Upper Rooms

  1. More great images. Speaking as one who was sent away to Pubic School, the message on the tiles might well have summed up a pupil’s view of school, especially in the first year!

    • Thanks Marc. The writing was a little spooky as was the blood stained saw and clothing in the basement (although that is down to a fellow group of explorers I know). I visited 3 times and each time saw something new to photograph.

  2. How utterly profound, my friend!! Great photography at work here, once again, some of the very best! But, you’re writing and attention to detail just adds so much interest here, it’s not funny! Incredible work, my good friend!

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