Girls School L – The Pool Party

I think it’s time to wrap up this series on the abandoned girls school. It has been fun revisiting the original brackets and interesting (for me) to see how my processing has improved. I actually have plenty more I could process and bore you with but for now I’m going to close the file and move on. I think at a later stage I may make a gallery of all the images I’ve taken in this wonderful location.

Olympic Size Swimming Pool - NOT!!!

Well you can’t explore a girls school without stopping at the outdoor Pool, can you? Unfortunately no bikini clad beauties were lounging around the pool when I visited, but it was tempting to take a dip in the lovely clear waters.


It seems that when I explore one of the things I come across is some poor dead creature, normally birds but in West Park Asylum there was a dead fox on the second floor of a building I had to climb through the top of a door to access?

The school was no exception with this poor badger I found when setting up the tripod for an external shot. Hopefully he died in his sleep of natural causes, I did not want to look to closely.

I hope this series has been enjoyable, I think the next post will be a slight change of direction, but hope it will be worth while. Thanks for all the great comments.


17 responses to “Girls School L – The Pool Party

  1. Love the reflections in the first one Chris and that poor badger is certainly a bit sad. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen one in real life before. Enjoy your weekend man,

    • Thanks Andy, I’m so glad that so many people have liked the series. Like most of us, I tend to photograph and show what pleases me and it’s always interesting to see how they are received by my peers.

    • Thanks Caryn. The original processed images were actually much darker and moodier but I wanted to lighten the mood a little and reprocessed. The building itself was fairly placid and light inside. I’ve certainly explored buildings that were much more oppressive.

  2. You can’t (at least I don’t think so) see me from where you are, but I am on my feet giving a standing ovation with this series!! Fan-flippin-tastic photography, research and writing, my friend, you’ve brought us all along on your incredible journey to this wonderful place! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every post, each and every image! It’s incredible the job you’ve done documenting this place before Mother Nature takes over fully and returns it all to the earth! Totally incredible work here, Chris, I tip my hat to you!

    • I think some people urbex for the thrill, I do it because I love these old buildings and want to record their beauty before they are gone.
      Thanks for the support you have given me, not just for this series but since I started this blogging, I hope you know how much I appreciate it.

      • I do, my friend, but I must also thank you for all your support and encouragement with our work, too. You’re not just an amazing photographer and constant source of inspiration, Chris, you are a truly awesome person too.

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    • Thanks Mark, I appreciate the comment. It took a while to decide on processing for the pool shot but I like the way this came out in the end.

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