The Beach

The Beach

First of apologies for my prolonged absenteeism, I would love to claim I have been away taking stunning shots with no connection, but alas no. I started a new job 3 weeks ago and it’s been a lot of work with some pretty long days, leaving little time to photograph, process and blog.

I think it’s best to discuss my processing as minimal, I’m almost ashamed to admit it but it’s true, I like to take photographs and make an image in the camera, but I have never been into what happened after as long as it gave the result I wanted, it’s the reason I used to shoot transparency and I like to think that I still employ the same thought when taking the shot that I did then.

The image above represents that approach, it is comprised of 3 exposures tonemapped in Photomatix before a few minor adjustments in Photoshop.

It also represents a little more to me on a personal level. The ebb and flow of the tides draw a parallel to the ebb and flow of life; sometimes the tide is high, sometimes it’s low. When it’s high you can miss what is beneath but this is uncovered in those low moments. To enjoy the whole of the scene you need to experience both states and perhaps reach an equilibrium somewhere between the two.


10 responses to “The Beach

  1. Welcome back! A profound comment in that last paragraph and an apt image to match. ‘Highs’ can be as damaging as ‘lows’ in maintaining a grip on life as you rightly observe. Maintaining that balance can certainly be difficult. Managing a bog can bring it’s own highs but it’s a demanding mistress for sure.

    • Thanks Andy. I have a lot on in the new job and for the next month that will take a lot of my time, but I’m hoping to manage a couple of posts a week. I think I will have to concentrate on quality rather than quantity for a while.

  2. Abundantly profound my good friend. Great post!! I know you’re working hard at your new job there, and change is always hard no matter what the circumstances. Best of luck to you and your family, my good friend.

    • Thanks Toad my friend. I know I don’t need to tell you how hard it can be but I’m enjoying it more than any job in years so all good. It’s also going to make a big difference at home for the better.

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