Shoreditch Toaster

Shoreditch Toaster

London, like most major cities is an eclectic mix. Cultures and nationalities jostle shoulder to shoulder, areas take on a distinctive ethnic flavour, reflected in food, music and architecture. Other areas are known for tourism, then there is Shoreditch. Bordering the East of the financial City, Shoreditch was known for it’s Tudor theatres (it was home to the 1st theatre in England), was a major route to the North East of the city and dates to Roman times. It’s name is thought to be a modernisation of “Sewer Ditch” although myth also links it to the burial place of Jane Shore a mistress of Edward IV.  In Victorian times it was home to music halls, today it is part of London’s hipster scene and home to some of the best street art in the capital.

Walk around Shoreditch and you are normally assured of seeing a Banksy or King Robbo amongst the plethora of street art, but one of my favourites is the Toaster. There are several of these dotted around in various sizes and Toaster spotting is a favourite activity when I’m in the area.


7 responses to “Shoreditch Toaster

    • Thanks Len. There are a few of various sizes dotted around the area, as well as some Banksy pieces. Also several shop shutters have large letters on them. It’s great to see the street art constantly evolve over time.

  1. Love it! Hadn’t seen this in my travels around that art of London. I love the street art one finds tucked away in small corners (and not so small corners) of London’s streets.

    • I used to pass this daily on my way home from work, it’s on Hackney Rd. There used to be a group of 3 behind Great Eastern Rd on the way to Brick Lane, there’s plenty more too.

    • I don’t think it will be there much longer, it may have already gone. The wall it is on is part of a derelict house that was being worked on, so I doubt it will be around much longer.

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