Who Said you can’t teach an old dog….? Pt5

Today’s installment takes us back to Cornwall, in the far South West of England.  It was a hot, very sunny day and the family decided it was beach time, leaving them sunning themselves I went to explore, climbing cliffs and walking the beach in order to find suitable subjects.

The foreshore was marked by a section of rocks stretching out into the water and I fired a few shots off but was not happy with the resulting images; something was missing. I sat and pondered before creating this image:



As I sat there it struck me that there was little variation between the flat, smooth rocks, what was needed was foreground interest. I selected a large rocky outcrop and dragged / rolled a sizeable boulder to it and managed to sit it atop, this was followed by several more boulders of varying colour & texture and decreasing size, until I had built a rather large Cairn.

By this time about 12 people had gathered on the cliff path to watch, undeterred I set up camera and tripod and shot a series of brackets from varying angles, I realised that what started as an object of foreground interest was actually better as the main subject and lowered my viewpoint to isolate the rocks against the sky.

Content that I had enough shots in the can I packed up and went to rejoin my family, stopping only to take down the Cairn, which by now was receiving  interest from the onlookers.

Once home I selected the image I wanted and set to processing, my initial thought was to process as colour HDR, but I preferred the  Black and White image above. I selected a single frame and processed in Photoshop, adjusting curves and minor tonal adjustments to give the image shown.


10 responses to “Who Said you can’t teach an old dog….? Pt5

    • Thank you Edith. It’s been a good few months for me creatively and it’s great to see so many positive comments and more so to make new friends

    • If I hadn’t been watched while I was making it I would have left it there. But as I walked away they were already approaching with cameras. I mean get your own idea you know

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