Who Said you can’t teach an old dog….? Pt4

Today we come to another style / technique that I have used in the past with film (analogue) cameras but never attempted with the DSLR: Long Exposure.



Having seen some stunning examples of long exposure photography this year, I was determined to give it a go. Most people appear to use ND10 (10 stop Neutral Density) filters to lower the light levels and enable long exposures, I had too much to get together before my break and an ND was low on the priority list.

In order to get the above image I set the ISO to 100, stopped down to f22 and used a polarising filter to shave off a further 1ev, I still had to wait until dusk in order to achieve a 13 sec exposure. I found this was long enough to blur the waves and give an ethereal, misty feel to the shot.

Little post processing was needed, I made minor adjustments to local saturation in the sky and tones on the rocks but the image needed little else.

13 responses to “Who Said you can’t teach an old dog….? Pt4

    • Thanks Len. The obvious thing with an nd10 is not having to wait until dusk although if I shot mid day I think the colours would not have been as good

    • Thanks toad. Sometimes as photographers (or in life) we find we may not have all the tools to do the job at hand. We then have 2 choices: pack up and give in or make the best of what is available and adapt our approach to get the job done.

  1. Very nice. I don’t own a 10 stop ND, but I can stack what I do have to get to about 7 stops. Like you did though, I tend to use my circular polarizer at dusk.

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  3. I like long exposure photography, but my ND filter is often not quite dense enough, or not traveling with me. I have been experimenting with long exposure HDR which can turn out like much longer exposures..

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