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The Robin is billed as Britain’s favourite bird, whether this is true or not it is almost certainly the friendliest. They are very territorial and will often fight to the death to defend their breeding grounds and feeding grounds but will also follow gardeners ready to pounce on worms and grubs in the freshly turned earth.

They tend to be seen mainly during the winter months and are a staple of Christmas cards usually in a snowy scene.

This weekend has brought plenty of snow to the UK and to London, we don’t tend to get much so this should be regarded as a big thing. It snowed constantly yesterday and I spent hours taking photos intending to make the most of the weather. After a morning spent shooting landscapes in nearby Richmond Park and a brief stop home for coffee we ventured out to the banks of the River Thames and Leg O Mutton reservoir. I was looking for a shot across the river  when this chap landed on the tree next to me, it hopped about just feet from where I stood, looking at me intently and singing to get my attention. When I moved along the path it followed me and repeated the performance, I can only guess it was asking for it’s photo to be taken so I duly obliged, even using fill flash did not scare him and he followed me for several more minutes.

This was a single RAW file processed in Adobe Lightroom and shown uncropped.


11 responses to “Robin

    • Thanks Mark. It was throwing it down with snow and the Robin just perched on a twig in front of me with the white sky behind, what can a fella do but shoot?

    • Thanks Andy, you should be in your element with all that snow then. We apparently had 4 inches on Sunday which is good for London I guess, spent a good part of Sunday out in the Blizzard.

  1. What a great shot, Chris. Colorful little guy / girl. Not sure which. I understand that the males are the most colorful, trying to draw a mate, but unless there is another bird around to compare to, I have no idea. 🙂

    Nice work, man.

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