Mortlake Blue Hour

Mortlake Blue Hour - Click  for large image or to purchase

Mortlake Blue Hour – Click for large image or to purchase

It’s fair to say that the weather in 2012 played a large part in my photography; on the one hand it was pretty appalling for most of the year here in the UK, on the other hand it did give me a chance to work on my post production techniques.

So far 2013 does not look much better although with the threat (or promise) of snow that may change.

Tonight I was hoping for an impressive sunset, I knew the River Thames would be at it’s tidal peak at sunset and I have had a shot in mind for about 2 years waiting for all the elements to align. A quick look at the skies and it looked like tonight was going to me my night, donning a few layers in preparation for the sub zero conditions I set out along the river to Barnes Bridge.

I arrived in time but the sky was not wanting to play, the sun had dipped behind clouds and although it was not intended as the focus, I still wanted to get some good colour from it. Undeterred, I set up my tripod and began setting the camera controls and settled in to wait for the moment.

When it became clear that the moment would not come I decided to shoot the same scene in a different way.

Technical bits

Olympus E500 with 14-45 @ 45mm

6 Exposures tonemapped in Photomatix Pro 4.2

Finishing in Photoshop CS6 – Localised dodging & Burning, localised saturation adjustments.


8 responses to “Mortlake Blue Hour

  1. Chris-my mum lives just aways down near Chiswick Bridge-next to the Ship Pub (boat race and all that) i was there about September of last year and there are some shots from Barnes Bridge down to Kew-My sister´s boat actually comes out in one of your earlier posts, the (blue one from Hamm Bridge) Checkout the towpath from Barnes railway Bridge to Kew- you´ll have a field day- have a look on my blog for the Mortlake and Thames photo´s,you might find them interesting for interesting locations around thataway-and checkout those Cormarants and Herons there all along the riverbank betwixt hammersmith and Mortlake 🙂

    • Thanks toad old bean, the temperature was just below freezing and I almost got caught by the incoming tide but I got some good shots so it was worth it in the end

  2. Lovely, Chris, real depth. The only thing I’d note though is the points of light (windows), which being such a different colour, grab my eye’s attention.

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