2012 in Retrospect

It seems fitting that I use this, my 100th blog post to look back at the last year and examine what went well and not so well, to reflect on the things that made me happy and plan for the things to come. When I say this I’m not talking the normal New Year resolution etc. but about photography and in particular my photography.

So what did not go to plan?

  1. Well the weather for a start it was wet and miserable most of the time, at least most of the time I was not working and there is not much I can do about that, but I can try harder to work with the weather there is. Sure it may rain but that does not stop anyone from taking pictures, right?
  2. Misuse of time, there were times when I could have left the house that bit earlier and made time for some photos on the way to work, but I didn’t.
  3. Withdrawing from the friends I have made on Twitter & Google+ (mainly due to lack of time but I maybe could have tried a bit harder).

What went to plan?

  1. My approach to photography. Although I did not have time, what time I had I used well and thought about what I wanted to achieve before setting out. Plan to Succeed as I said in an earlier post.
  2. My processing. I truly think this has come on leaps and bounds this year, partially because I am thinking about what I want to achieve as I said in the point above.
  3. Catching up and interacting with the friends I have met through the web. They have been inspirational and encouraging and have helped me to improve my photography massively.

As for 2013? during a recent shoot an idea began to form, as I started to research the subject in greater depth I began to realise the scale of the project and that my original idea was not possible. I have set myself the target of completion by November 2013 and I think this is going to be a difficult target as I will be shooting outside and the conditions will need to be right, plus there will be a lot of travelling involved and a lot of processing. The upshot is that I have set myself a big target but I hope the results will be worth it, this will be the first time I have attempted such a project and I hope you all enjoy the results.

I’m involved with the Photography Chat community on google+ (#TogChat on Twitter) and I want to start producing some tutorials to help the new comers to our craft, hopefully I could do one a month which should cover the basics nicely.

Below is a selection of what I consider to be my best photos of the year, I will probably change my mind in time, however they all represent facets of what I believe I have done well this year.

Thanks for following me and I hope you all have happy holidays and a great 2013.


8 responses to “2012 in Retrospect

  1. Great post, Chris, and nice teaser on the upcoming project. 🙂

    I will add that you, as well, have been a source of inspiration and encouragement. I truly appreciate the time you have put into providing feedback to this “budding” photographer.

    Happy new year, and looking forward to 2013.

  2. Well, now you’ve got us all guessing as to what the project is. A project is always a stimulus to work, so good luck and I’ll stay tuned. This a great community that we both belong to – we learn so much from each other. Have a great 2013, Chris.

    • I don’t want to say too much about the project for a couple of reasons; having seen the long range weather forecast I may have left myself with too few days of sun to complete it, I’m still formulating the idea but I’m hoping it will produce a book and a calender.
      The more I research the more I realise I’ve set myself a big target and a long way to fall if it goes badly.
      Have a great year Andy and stay tuned

  3. You, sir, are the real deal. I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2013, it’s sure to be awesome, my friend! You’ve always been such a great source of friendship and inspiration for me, Chris, and that’s meant a whole lot to me here. I wish you the very, very best for the New Year and I hope that it brings you all the successes and adventures you deserve. my good friend! Cheers.

    • Oh geez, look at me, all excited-like and running away before I got to tell you how awesome those shots are you posted in this blog! Beautiful imagery, Chris, sincerely. Like I said, can’t wait for 2013, you’ll see, it’ll be huge!

      • I sure hope 2013 will be huge, I think last year can be summed up photographically as quality over quantity. I think one of the reasons for this is due to yourself and the other friends I have met and interacted with online.
        You have provided inspiration, a glimpse of other techniques and friendship that has helped in the bleakest of times.

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