Winter Wonderland Pt II

In the previous post I introduced Winter Wonderland 2012 in London’s Hyde Park. Today we look at some of the attractions that await the visitor.

We start at Santa’s Pub, where else could we start? Before heading the the Hall of Mirrors. Dizzy from the Bavarian Beer and mirrors it seems logical to hit the Helter Skelter, I understand this may be a fairly English thing so in explanation it’s a wooden tower with a circular staircase running up the inside. You grab a coconut mat and climb to the top before riding down the outside on a wooden spiral slide whilst sitting on the Mat. The two shots illustrate the before and after.

To get a good view across Winter Wonderland and indeed London at night I would recommend a leisurely ride on the ferris wheel or, perhaps, a slightly less leisurely ride on the very high spinning thing, followed by a few more beverages in Santa’s Pub by which time the lights will look a little like the last image.

Happy Christmas all…

5 responses to “Winter Wonderland Pt II

    • Thanks Len, it is a great place to visit for the whole family and really good for some colour full photos as well, only real issue is the amount of people but that’s life really.

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