Hammersmith Bridge at Dusk

image available for purchase on 500px

Another image from my current Blue Hour series shot at Hammersmith Bridge which crosses the River Thames between Hammersmith and Barnes.

This image was taken early in the shoot when there was still light in the sky. I was thinking of discarding this shot as I could not get the position I wanted (without a boat or a waterproof housing for the camera) but when I was looking through the RAW files something kept dragging me back to it.

As a point of interest the barge moored up on the left is lived on as a several of the boats along this stretch and just out of sight is the pub where Gustav Holst wrote “The Planets“, the area I was shooting from was in fact a busy dock before WWII but was redeveloped into a park after being bombed.

This image is comprised of a 5 shot HDR with the initial RAW files ranging from +1EV to -3EV.

The RAW files were first opened in Adobe Bridge and clarity and contrast were boosted and the colour temperature dropped into the cold zone to enhance the blue.

The files were then Tonemapped in Photomatix and exported to Photoshop.

Once in Photoshop a few layers were made to adjust the sky and river independently and some selective dodging and burning made.

Let me know what you think, should I have binned this one?

8 responses to “Hammersmith Bridge at Dusk

  1. I would keep it. I like the ski-jump of white coming out of the right side above the bridge. The only small thing I would wish different is the crane, but at least its boom matches the angle of the bridge.

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