Hammersmith Riverside

Hammersmith Riverside

Continuing with last weeks blue hour shoot this is another view of Hammersmith Bridge in South West London taken from the North East between Hammersmith and Fulham. The Harrods Furniture Depository featured previously is on the opposite bank. There were a few issues while taking this shot, primarily from the very bright street lights along this stretch of river meaning I needed to reposition a few times to avoid light spill and lens flare.

I shot a series of RAW brackets (5 in total) using the camera histogram to determine the amount needed and stopped the lens down to f22 to get the starburst on the lights.

Once home and downloaded, I adjusted colour temperature to ensure the railings in the foreground and the lights retained their white colour, this threw a blue cast over the rest of the image which I quite liked.

Into Photomatix and the 5 images were combined into a tonemapped TIFF. This was then opened in Photoshop and a few passes made through a noise filter, before some level adjustments and localised contrast and blur / sharpness applied.



7 responses to “Hammersmith Riverside

    • Thanks Len, it was during blue hour so I thought the cast was needed. As for the composition I was limited to a degree with where I shot from, but I wanted to get a range of images from close in where the bridge was the focus to this shot where the bridge is a secondary element in the scene.

  1. The railing and the bridge make for perfect leading lines here, Chris, but the real star of this shot is the rich and wonderful blue tones!! What a great, great shot, my friend, this one very well may be my favorite of yours ever! Great capture!!!!

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