Feeling Blue

I’ve been meaning to get out and shoot some blue hour images for a while but either I’m working or the weather is wrong. This week I finally managed to get some time to get out shooting; the weather was perfect, there were not too many people around and the river was high and flowing fast.

In fact I was so excited and engrossed in what I was doing that I forgot one tiny little thing…when shooting in low light, use the noise reduction software built into the camera…

Of course I remembered this once I’d got home and downloaded the images, resplendent as they were with hot pixels. I still felt as if the images were worth the effort it was going to take so I pushed on with processing.

This image is of the old Harrods Furniture Depository, like many buildings in London it is now luxury apartments for the rich and famous (think footballers and pop singers).

The Technical bit

The image is composed of 7 RAW shots at 1EV gaps, shot at 100 ISO (without noise reduction).

Initial processing for colour correction was in Lightroom, before a quick trip into Photomatix Pro to tonemap the image. This was then exported into Photoshop where sections of some of the RAW files were masked in. Saturation was boosted a little and some glow added before selective burning of the shadow areas. Oh yes, I also ran a noise reduction pass or two before the PS adjustments and did a few hours of retouching to ensure all the hot pixels had gone. Finally applied a little clarity and sharpening to give some pop.


7 responses to “Feeling Blue

    • Well a few hours, more like four hours post production in total compared to my normal 5 minutes and that will do. Glad you liked the shot, there is more to come

  1. What a WONDERFUL photograph, Chris! LOVE those rich tones and details. It’s a really warm and inviting scene that delivers so much more to the viewer as you spend time checking out all the great details. I can’t WAIT to see what else you’ve got in the works for us here, my friend! Top drawer!!

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