Duckpool Long Exposure

I’ve been a little tardy with the blog of late, I kind of run out of things to post or time to make the images for a few write ups I want to do. However last week we were away in Cornwall, one of my favourite parts of the country and the chance to refill the image bank beckoned.

The week was set by the drive down; long, tedious and wet. It rained non stop, the roads were flooded, we had to divert.

The rain continued for the rest of the week and when it was not raining it was grey and uninspiring.

That said, I went loaded for bear and I was not coming back without some fur.

The shot above is something I’ve been wanting to capture for a while. The flat, dull evening with heavy cloud cover meant the hoped for sunset was not going to happen so I decided to have a bash at a Long Exposure shot. The view I wanted was not reachable unless I wanted to get wet, the easy trek across the boulders on the beach had been bisected by a newly excavated river which was swollen with raging flood water. So I settled on this little outcrop of rocks got as low to the incoming waves as I dared and fired off a few shots.



7 responses to “Duckpool Long Exposure

  1. Nice image Chris. You did what good photographers always do – you made use of the light that was available and created something special.

  2. I actually laughed aloud about your bit about being loaded for bear and coming home with fur. 🙂 Awesome post, Chris.

    I just love these long exposure shots. This is how to turn a semi-regular scene into something absolutely magical and ethereal. The b&w processing here brings all the drama home, and the almost abstract nature of this frame is definitely something special, my friend.

    • Thanks Toad, appreciate the comment. I’m so pleased with the way this worked out actually, no 10 stop, dodgy tripod, poor weather. So pretty pleased

  3. Congratulations in making something out of nothing, Chris. A lot of people would have given up under the circumstances but you managed to create a unique and well composed image.

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