Keep your eyes and mind open


Another image from Avebury Stone Circle in Wiltshire. For those that have not been to, or read about, Avebury, it is a massive Henge that makes Stonehenge look like a kids toy. There is a village and manor house to the egde of the circle built in part from demolished stones from the circle.

Some of the buildings date to medieval times the majority are newcomers being Edwardian & Georgian, some even from Victorian times.

For the image above I had parked the car and was taking the short walk to the circle when I saw this classic bike leant against the wall of a house. I converted the image to Black & White and added Sepia toning to give an old effect in keeping with the theme.

Had I been focused entirely on the4 Stones I would have missed this image, but by keeping myself open to other possibilities I managed to capture something a little different.  


33 responses to “Keep your eyes and mind open

  1. Love your composition on this one, Chris! Great message to share with us all, as well, that’s pretty awesome my friend. I love the nostalgic feel you brought to this image with your processing, top drawer work!

  2. What a great image of simplicity & a message that reminds us all to keep our mind “simple” ( in a good way!) when we go out to record what we love in the world! Kudos!

    • thanks John, sometimes as photographers we are in danger of making things to complicated; we can over think our shots, over prepare for a shoot or over process the image.
      Sometimes all we need to do is see and shoot.

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  4. It always pays to go with an open mind and two open eyes. Great lesson for all of us, Chris. Love the composition and the Sepia tones B&W is perfect.

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