A New Spring


So it has been pretty poor weather across England for what seems like an eternity, it feels like there has not been a rain free day in months, towns are flooding, I’m scared to take the camera out in case it drowns and the government declares a drought and imposes a hosepipe ban????

This has, however given me the chance to delve into my back catalogue and re evaluate images that I had originally discarded and this got me to thinking, “how do people see me as a photographer?”

I think to many I was initially known for my Urbex work, then perhaps HDR, in truth I am neither although I am grateful for the attention this has brought.

I would say I veer more towards landscapes and architecture, Urbex is a joy and I find it hones my observation skills and has taught me new skills (HDR).

The image above is not HDR or Urbex, it is more of an abstract, but to me it marks something else a little less tangible; an image taken as a study of leafs for my daughter which took on a new life when I actually looked at it on screen and realised the potential with a minimal amount of post production in Photoshop.

There was a tad more greenery in the original, the crop was not square, the green was muted. I have been trying the CS6 beta of Photoshop and have fallen for the new tools in particular “Content Aware Fill”, quite simply this is an act of witchcraft and I have fallen for the dark arts. I filled some of the greenery with leafs, instead of cropping down I enlarged the canvas to square and filled the blank space, a quick adjustment on green saturation and the job was done.

I feel the need to blame Chris Lane for this fall into the dark side, he issued a challenge to edit some of his shots and I needed to dig deep to compete with the cool people he selected for the gig. If you see him around, it’s all his fault.

12 responses to “A New Spring

  1. As a Brit I know exactly what you mean about the weather – I can’t remember a Spring as wretched as this. Love the shot. The ‘green’ is perfectly placed in the frame. As for the content aware fill, I’ve enlarged this and I’m still not sure I can spot where it’s been applied. Witchcraft indeed. Nice work. Chris.

    • Thanks. As for content aware fill, it has it’s limitations but not many, it seems a question of choosing between clone, content aware fill and healing patch dependant on the task in hand.

  2. Really neat shot, with tons of deep, hidden meaning. You can interpret this so many ways. Thanks for such a thought-provoking shot today Chris!

    • Thank you Adam, kind words indeed and yes I guess it can be interpreted in many ways. It’s a bit of a change in style for me which is also reflected in the title.

  3. We’ve had an awful winter and spring here, too. Just this week things have turned around and today I find myself sitting here typing with a sunburn. And it feels good. I LOVE this image, Chris, what a wonderful subtle expression of spring!! I, for one, thank Chris Lane for throwing you deep into the dark arts, I love the form of expression here my friend.

    • Thanks Toad appreciate the comment my friend. I guess it’s a mix of Chris Lanes challenge and the awful rain we have had for the last few months

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