How much wood would a wood chopper chop?

How Much Wood Wood a Wood Chopper Chop?

Last autumn I was out for a walk on Wimbledon Common, I had the camera but things were not flowing. Still it was a nice day for a walk so I decided not to worry too much. Then as I was nearing the car I happened upon this would pile and an idea formed, I cropped in with a view to shooting an abstract and fired a couple of frames.

I never got around to processing the shots, when I looked at them in post I was not feeling that enthusiastic about the shots.

Last week two things happened; I downloaded the beta of Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Chris Lane set a challenge to a group of togs including me.

The latter made me realise I needed to brush up my Photoshop technique as it is usually limited to minor adjustments. My first run through post produced a pleasing image, however I wanted to make it more special. I applied the new Oil Paint filter in CS6 and tweaked the settings until I got a result I liked, I then added Tilt Shift Blur from the new blur gallery and again adjusted the strength and position of blur.

21 responses to “How much wood would a wood chopper chop?

    • Thanks Len, I’m really impressed with the new tools as well, but find that CS6 is a more intuitive workflow as well.
      As I said in the post, I don’t do a lot of post production but I think I may be doing more soon. Check this image on 500px for a idea of the straight shot.

  1. I really really love this one Chris, there’s something absolutely special about it. Great colors and tones in the wood, and I REALLY love the tilt-shift effect you’ve applied here; wonderfully done, my friend!!

  2. I like the rich colours in this and the filter produces an excellent painterly effect – at first glance this looks superior to Dry Brush or Watercolour filters.

    • Thanks Andy, there is a lot of control on the “Oil Paint” filter in CS6, split into 2 parts; Brush (stylization, cleanliness, scale & bristle detail) & Lighting (direction & shine), easy to use and preview of results. So it’s easy to get a good result to fit the subject

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