Yellow Window

Yellow Window

Tucked away in London’s East End, on the borders of Shoreditch and Hackney, lies Columbia Road. During the week, Columbia Rd is a fairly unremarkable inner city street with a school, a few shops (more boutique than shop) and café’s and is flanked by a couple of small parks, some terraced housing for the affluent middle classes and arty set and finally dominating the skyline to the North; tower blocks.

On a Sunday, Columbia Rd changes and becomes a flower market, the entire street is lined with stalls selling cut flowers, herbs, shrubs and potted plants. The shops suddenly blend in with the stalls, selling gardening themed items, the café’s sell vegetarian food and oysters in the shell and the entire nature of this humble street changes.

Whilst walking to the market I glanced up at a tower block as we passed and was struck by the contrast of the yellow window frames against the grim façade of the building. I stood in close to the base of the block to shoot upwards and emphasise the height of the building, during processing I brought up the saturation on the yellow channel to make it stand out more against the drab concrete and brick.





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