A Duck up a Tree

Last night was a big night in London, it snowed and settled. This morning we awoke to maybe 10cm of snow on the ground (possibly more) and the news that traffic was in chaos and flights from Heathrow were being cancelled. If you live in countries that regularly have snow you are permitted to laugh but in England snow is a major event, bigger than the Olympics and something to be endured, stoically before complaining that the authorities were unprepared and should do more.

Me? I grabbed a shovel and swept the snow from the path to the road, pulled on some stout boots and grabbed the camera before heading out to capture this rare event.

Duck up a tree

As we trekked through this arctic tundra that London had become overnight I heard a duck calling and it was close. I raised the camera but could not see daffy anywhere, it called again from above, looking up I spied my quarry perched on the branch high above. Do ducks normally stand on trees?

Leg of Mutton Reservoir

The Leg of Mutton was once a reservoir next to the Thames supplying water to parts of Leafy SW London, now it is a nature reserve, home to 3 species of bat, ducks, geese, swans and other water fowl. It is also the home to Herons and one of the only spots in London where they nest at ground level.


I saw 3 Herons on our walk around but they were either to far away across the ice or too alert to predators and flew at the first sight of the approaching hunter. I managed to creep close enough down the snow covered bank of the reservoir to catch this shot through the covering bushes.

Snow Covered Tree

Outlet Pipe

The last couple of images are random shots that caught my eye as we walked, a snow covered tree (well you have to have one, right?) and what looks like a giant cotton reel but what I believe to be a intake pipe from when this used to be a working reservoir.


12 responses to “A Duck up a Tree

  1. Terrific shots Chris. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a duck in a tree. Now I don’t want to snicker but here in Toronto…Canada…it felt like spring today. The sun was shining, it was 7 Celsius…definitely not something we’re used to in February but we’ll take it.

  2. Okay Chris, I’ll try not to laugh but believe it or not, you are getting more snow that we are right now in New England. Hard to believe. Super winter scenes.

  3. I remember the total chaos in London whenever there was the slightest snow. Now I’ve moved to Washington, it’s not that much better! Like Len in New England, you are well ahead in the snow count than we are this year.

    I have seen ducks in trees but normally low down and alongside water, not as high as you captured here.

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