Spirit of Ecstasy

Spirit of Ecstasy

The Spirit of Ecstasy is normally to be found adorning the hood of Rolls Royce cars since 1911.

It was originally commissioned by Lord Montague for His Rolls Royce Silver Ghost to commemorate his lover Eleanor Thornton, on whom it was modelled.

This particular example was found adorning a grave in Kensal Green cemetery in West London. We had gone there for a walk one afternoon when the persistent grey skies had cleared for the first time since Christmas and had taken the cameras as a matter of course.

Although there were a few photo opportunities nothing was really rocking it for me until we rounded a corner and saw the sun reflecting off this statue between the graves.

This particular section of the graveyard was heavily used and it was hard to find an angle that did not include background distractions, I ended up getting in low and shooting upwards in a close crop (the image above has not been cropped in post). This allowed me to isolate the figures head against the blue sky and I included a single cross in the frame to supply locational context.


11 responses to “Spirit of Ecstasy

    • Thanks Mark. I took a few shots with slight variations on the crop, the first few without the cross but I felt the LH was then to bare and needed the cross to give balance

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