Pointing the Way

Pointing the Way

In the last post I promised something a little different, I live fairly close to Richmond Park in London. Close enough that I can pop over pretty often to try and catch a few images.

Winter is often poor pickings in the park, the trees are bare, the flowers sleeping even the ever present Deer seem to be more interested in sleeping or hiding in the trees.

However, after wandering a relatively short distance I happened across a few trees that looked like they had been struck by lightning, like the fellow above.

Oak Trees are the main tree in the park, most have been there since the middle ages, these trees are ancient and proud. Even after an apparent lightning strike, this example still stands, pointing the way to anyone who cares to stop and look.

The above image was a 6 bracket HDR, I was unsure how I would process this when I took the shot but I had thought it may make a good silhouette or a full colour contrasting the red of the leaves and green of the grass.

When I processed neither of these options really worked for me. There was a lack of sky colour and interest, the trees on the skyline were distracting, the grass was the wrong shade of green.

In the end I decided to drop in a Black & White conversion using Photoshop‘s infra-red setting.


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