Girls School L – The Conservatory

Conservatory Girls School L

We return again to the abandoned Girls School set in deepest rural Kent to give another glimpse of what used to be and what lies within.

The conservatory is located at the rear of the building flanking a raised garden area complete with fountain. The roof arches, although not intricate have been made with skill and simple, effective style. The brickwork and doors also suggest a hidden grandeur awaiting the intrepid explorer. What lies on the other side of those doors, what can we just glimpse through the unboarded sections of window, is it a pleasant surprise or the stuff of nightmares?

In the next instalment we will venture further into the building, to bring answers and reveal what lies within.

Image made from 6 brackets, tonemapped in Photomatix 4 and processed in Adobe Photoshop.

11 responses to “Girls School L – The Conservatory

  1. The dappled light in this works a bit like a flashlight – drawing one’s eyes around the image to points of interest. I look forward to the next installment….

  2. Mother Nature is busy dismantling this wonderful old place, I see. What a true shame, this is a gorgeous facility and really needs to be maintained and brought back to the former glory it once held. Awesome photograph here, my friend, absolutely top drawer!!

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