Girls School L – Corridor

Corridor Girls School L

Another internal view from the abandoned girls school hidden away in deepest rural Kent.

In previous posts I hinted that the interior of the building showed signs of it’s manor house heritage and previous grandeur, the tiled floors and moulded plaster cornices provide further clues. In the next few posts I will delve deeper into the centre of this once wonderful old building to show the stunning architecture at it’s heart.

The image above was created from 7 bracketed shots taken at 1EV spacing, the RAW files were tonemapped in Photomatix 4 before importing into Photoshop. Once in PS a copy layer was made, levels adjusted and a little dodging and burning of localised highlights and shadows. Finally I added the Glamour Glow filter at 25% from On one Software to give a softness to the features and dampen down the reflections from the wall.


9 responses to “Girls School L – Corridor

    • Thanks Len. It’s perhaps one of the least and most depressing places I’ve explored. On the one hand it’s bright and spacious and was a place that probably saw good times on the other hand you expect depressing in an asylum but the level of decay and abandonment in such a great building brings it’s own depressive atmosphere.

  1. I found this place pretty interesting, as each floor seemed to evoke different feelings; the ground floor was quite light and spacious, manor like. As I progressed upwards the rooms seemed to close in, the floors were less stable, decay was more set in and the children’s names written on the doors were quite saddening. Look forward to seeing your other shots from here.

  2. Geez, my friend, my skin is crawling here with this fabulous series! I just can’t get over the condition of the place… if I had deep pockets I’d buy this grand old mansion in a heartbeat and turn it into my evil lair! Actually, it would be quasi-evil as I’m not really a dark Toad, per se, but you get the idea…

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