Abandoned Girls School L

Abandoned Girls School

Following yesterdays dip into the archive, we return to the scene of the crime. Yesterdays image was of a corridor in the upper part of the school, today we visit the outside to give an idea of the one time grandeur of the building.

Before it was a school this was a manor house set in large ornate gardens, these like the house have fallen into decay and disrepair. Several outbuildings; gatehouse, servants quarters etc. are still on the estate but currently used as private residence.

Attempts have been made at some stage to secure the building; downstairs windows and doors were boarded up, but rain still enters from the upper windows and roof, despite efforts to repair the latter. This has led to holes and weak spots in the floor of the attic rooms, care was needed at all times.

When I originally processed this image it was dark, that may have been a reflection of my mood but I suspect it was also a result of poor attempts to remove ghosting from the clouds and foreground foliage, the combination of Photomatix 4 and practice has made this task a lot easier resulting in a cleaner tonemapped image.

The tone mapped TIFF was imported into Photoshop for some adjustments to levels and local contrast, highlights on the building front were dodged to give a little more depth and finally I used On One perfect Suite 6 Tonal Contrast filter to make the image pop.

21 responses to “Abandoned Girls School L

    • Thanks Jimi. I have several images that I was never quite happy with the processing but I seem to be getting into my stride.
      It’s a shame about the building as it it (or was) glorious inside which I hope to show in the next few posts.

  1. I quite like the dark feel of this one. Very eery and mysterious. Looks like at one time this place was fantastic. Well done.

  2. What truly incredible architecture here, my friend! I can’t believe that this wonderful old place has been left to rot like this; doesn’t anyone make these places heritage sites and protect them? I know we have problems here, too, with some of this stuff.. some of our most important buildings and architecture seems to be disappearing lately, only to be replaced with post-modern glass monoliths.

    • A lot of these places are privately owned, I guess by the time they realise the cost of repairs and the current economic situation it’s too late to sell and too expensive to repair. Plus with the cost of premium land it’s probably more cost effective to let an old building fall down and build cheap flats on the land.

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