Girls School L – Into the Light

Into the Light

Today see’s another dip into the archives, this time to an abandoned girls school in South East England that I explored a few times last year. As with many locations such as this, time is taking it’s toll. Holes in the roof are letting in rain water, moisture is causing plaster to deteriorate and wallpaper to peel, floorboards have been removed by copper thieves after the pipes and wires.

On one hand I see this as a shame as this derelict school was once a wonderful old mansion house with sweeping marble staircase and panelled  corridors, set in landscaped gardens. Today there is little hope of renovation and the house is destined to slow collapse into decay; a shame for those who appreciate fine buildings but a haven for the Urban Explorer.

This image was made from a set of 7 brackets to capture the high variance in EV between highlights and shadows. Tonemapped in Photomatix and finished in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking.

17 responses to “Girls School L – Into the Light

    • thanks Len. This was one of those shots that would not process right first time round. When I saw it today I thought it was time for another go and it just processed itself.

    • Thanks Curt, I wanted a little light bleed but not too much that it would totally blow the highlight out. Fortunately Photomatix 4 has plenty of scope for adjustment, I dropped the Highlight slider down a fraction until the frame was just showing to prevent blowout.

  1. You’ve done a fine job here managing to control all these tones. like the way the final window bleeds light and the patches of light down the corridor and those light green colours are superbly caught.

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  3. Wow, Chris, I am just getting caught up here with some posts I’ve been behind on recently, and your series is on my radar right now. How absolutely stunning, my friend, I love your work so very much… onto the next post in the series now!

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