Falling to the Forest Floor

Falling to the Forest Floor

Another shot from the archives today. This was taken on a camping holiday in Dorset, England in 2010. It rained a lot that holiday, as it tends to in England, and the camera gear did not get many chances to come out.

This was shot on one of the rare dry days, I had just lit the camp fire and was laying on my back trying to clear the smoke from my eyes. As I lay there I realised I had a photo in the making.

This is all created in camera with little apart from the border in post production, I used on camera flash to give the smoke a little illumination and zoomed during shooting.


16 responses to “Falling to the Forest Floor

    • Thanks Steven, it’s always a little hit and miss but I think getting the shutter speed just slow enough helps. Too slow and there’s blur to fast and the zoom effect is poor.

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