Portchester Castle

 Portchester Castle

Today’s picture is a reworked shot from the archive. I took this in August 2010 at Portchester Castle in Hampshire during a family outing. My eldest daughter (who is studying photography) had her new Canon 7d with her but was using a film camera   at the castle so I got to play with the Canon.

This is a 7 exposure HDR, taken roughly midday in very strong sunlight. When I initially processed it the HDR came together well but something did not feel right; the colours were natural but slightly vibrant but the image was not working.

Fast forward 2 years and I came upon the brackets again, during processing in Photoshop I added a Strong Red Contrast B&W filter in the final stages which I feel has given the image the boost it was lacking.

Hope you like

12 responses to “Portchester Castle

    • Thanks Jimi. I fear I have more unprocessed images than processed ones. On the plus side I think my processing has improved so hopefully I can redress the balance.

    • Cheers Len. I believe their has been a castle on the site since Roman times if not earlier. It still has bits of Roman, Saxon and Norman within the complex.

  1. I love the drama that B&W photography can produce, and your careful and considerate processing of this shot truly brings all the wonder and details out for us all to enjoy, my friend! Fan-flippin-tastic shot!

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