Winter Wonderland 2011

Bit of a delay posting this as I took the pictures before Christmas, but there were several issues that delayed things.

Winter Wonderland is a Christmas Fair held in London’s Hyde Park (and probably other cities) that has grown over the years. The fair is a mixture of festive (ish) rides and craft stalls, with food and alcohol thrown in for good measure.

Santa's Pub


Big Wheel


Big Wheel Keeps on Turning



As the above images show, there is a variety of rides providing plenty of photo opportunities, themed pubs and strangely death playing a violin…


12 responses to “Winter Wonderland 2011

  1. What a truly great set of images here, Chris! I really enjoyed it! We’ve got that Death guy here, too, but I think he drives an older model Volvo around terrorizing everyone. Not quite as entertaining as yours, there. Thank you for all your friendship & support in 2011, my friend, best wishes to you and your family from The Toads for 2012!!

    • Thanks Toad, it was an odd experience but good all the same. A lot of the rides and stalls appear to have come over from Germany, Bavarian Beer halls etc. The Ghost Train had Death outside and a lot of skeletons etc in santa hats.

    • Cheers Jimi. The lights and wheel were what I went for really. I lugged about a full kit bag and tripod in dense crowds just for the purpose. Made it tricky taking the hand held shots of Death and santas pub.

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