Santa’s Pub

It’s been a little busy with the run up to Christmas and various other things lately, but I managed to get out with family and friends recently for a visit to Winter Wonderland in London’s Hyde Park.

For those that have not had the pleasure, Winter Wonderland is a (mainly Germanic) collection of themed rides and craft stalls, food even a massive alpine pub. Looking beyond the ever present commercialisation, however, shows a picture of families and loved ones enjoying Christmas and having fun after a hard days work or shopping and aside from the Ferris wheel, Ice Rink, Haunted house (yes I did say Haunted house, think zombie santa) there are also plenty of opportunities for candids.

Apologies for the grain in this image I was shooting in the dark and ramped the ISO higher than I would have liked, but I did not want to use flash and destroy the great warm light. There were 5 Santa’s at the pub but by the time the crowd parted I managed to capture just these 3. I later saw the Santa’s, pints in hand, marauding near a basketball stall until being chased away by the stall staff (no presents for them).

Processing was pretty straightforward, a little adjustment in RAW, some levels in Photoshop before adding a glow in NIK Color Effex.



18 responses to “Santa’s Pub

  1. Awesome shot! Puts me right back! I actually bought a drink from HERE a couple weeks ago. It was such a fun place to visit, and I’m glad we went! Now if i could have only made one of the carnival baskets and won that stuffed animal for the cute little girl.

    • Thanks Steven. I toyed with flash to add a little to the foreground but did not want to scare the Santa’s away. I think I’m glad I went with just natural light

  2. Nice shot, Chris. We’ve had something similar in Milton Keynes for a couple of years. Flash would have ruined it, the grain really is not intrusive at all.

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