Black Rock -White Surf

Black Rocks, White Surf © Chris Maskell 2011

Today’s post is an image from our glorious English summer this year and was prompted by a pre Christmas bout of redecoration. (Leaving a colour framed photo totally out of place and requiring a replacement in B&W).

I started to look back through my RAW catalogue for images that would work in B&W and found a few possibles, including the above. When I took this shot there was a stiff onshore breeze (according to the Cornish locals), gale force wind according to me. The wind was so strong that spray and foam were blowing onshore horizontally, the tripod would only stay stable when I filled my camera bag with small boulders and hung it from the central column.

This was shot just before sunset, whilst I was experimenting with long exposures, while it failed as a long exposure image I felt it still had merit so kept it for a rainy day.

It rained heavily today.



21 responses to “Black Rock -White Surf

  1. That looks COLD, my friend! What a great shot, love the composition and most definitely all the drama you’ve captured and shared with your black and white processing. I just need to find my electric undies around here now….

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