Autumn in the Park

Winding Path © Chris Maskell 2011

Richmond Park in Surrey is the largest of London’s Royal Parks, it is completely enclosed and home to several hundred deer. As well as a perimeter road for vehicles there are also several horse trails and a cycle path.

Today’s image was captured as the cycle path winds uphill (or down dependant on viewpoint), I wanted to capture the path snaking through the trees with it’s glorious covering of autumn leaves, while the trees and some of the undergrowth still retain their greenery.

Due to the extremes of shadow and low angle sunlight I shot a series of 5 bracketed exposures, this was tone mapped in Photomatix to produce a single TIFF which was fine tuned in Photoshop.

Camera: Olympus E-500 14-45 Zuiko

Processing: 5 Raw files processed in Photomatix and Photoshop.

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