Plan to Succeed (Part 2)

Following on from yesterdays post,Plan to Succeed (but don’t be rigid) , where I outlined my approach to going out on a shoot     we arrive at what happens when you select images for processing.

Autumnal Lake © Chris Maskell 2011

Today’s image is one of the set shots I planned to shoot when I left the house, however I had shot this as a set of brackets with a view to making an HDR image.

I opened the set in Photomatix, tried several variations on processing, but was not happy. This morning I returned to the scene of the crime and looked at the actual RAW files. It was here it struck me, the RAW image above was good on it’s own, it did not need HDR, just a little tweaking.

I made some minor adjustments in Camera RAW before opening in Photoshop, here I added a sepia tone, cropped slightly and adjusted levels to maximise blacks.

Camera : Olympus E-500

Lens: 40-150 Zuiko

Processing: Adobe Photoshop

16 responses to “Plan to Succeed (Part 2)

  1. This is a great shot. I spent the first 10-15yrs of my photographic journey doing B&W processing and printing – and as a result I really got to love contrast in images – solid blacks never bothered me and in the digital era although the majority of what I do is colour, I still love contrast and deep blacks. Some images thrive on it and this is one of them. It’s great as it is.

    • I learnt in the 80’s first with a zenith before buying an om1 n. Great camera used it for 20 yrs til it broke. We used to buy 25m rolls of ilford b&w and hand roll it into film cans. I guess you get used to seeing the world in tones and it does not leave you.

    • Thanks Curt, it seems these days I’m shooting more straight RAW and less HDR, not sure why, it’s not intentional just the way it’s hitting me on processing.

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