(No More) Mist Opportunities

It’s time to wrap up this mini series on the joy of shooting in mist and fog. I’ve run out of both images from this set and puns involving the word mist.

I have two versions of today’s image, a brief walkthrough of what I discovered / re-learned about shooting in these conditions and finally a question, which image do you prefer?

Waterfowl on lake in heavy mist © Chris Maskell 2011

Waterfowl on lake in heavy mist

Waterfowl on lake in heavy mist © Chris Maskell 2011

As I approached the lake with it’s Greek folly on the far bank I instantly thought the shot would suit black & white. The waterfowl added a nice foreground element which helped to break up the dark water and balance the lightness at the top of the image. I’ve included the colour version for comparison and have to admit I like the muted tones that it gives.

Which do you prefer?

I did not approach this project with a view of having any revelation, I wanted to get out, I thought I may manage a few shots, I also realised that I have avoided shooting in these conditions but without an obvious or valid reason.

What has this taught me? Well, simply there is an opportunity for a shot in any weather, you may need to look harder, you may need to work harder to create it, but the end result is worth the effort it takes to create it.

Also wear warm clothes, good boots, thick socks and waterproof lightweight jacket are good, maybe even a hat.

Let the camera acclimatise to the cold and damp, I take the lens off when I get home to prevent moisture forming inside the lens and body. Look for objects that work with the conditions not against them and when in fog, do not rely on auto-exposure, there is a compensation dial, manual settings for a reason; it’s easier to get it right before releasing the shutter than to correct afterwards.

Camera: Olympus E-500

Lens: 14-45 Zuiko

Processing: Camera RAW and minimal adjusting in Adobe Photoshop (cropping, levels)


11 responses to “(No More) Mist Opportunities

  1. Nice images Chris. I like the color one as it seems to have more depth to it. I’ve learned slowly that bad weather makes for some moody and interesting results

  2. I love ’em both, my friend, although I have to admit I have a very slight preference for the B&W version over the color. The drama and interest in that image is profound, my friend, I am so happy to see that you managed to really take the current weather situation you were facing and turn it into an absolutely magical photographic opportunity! Well done, good sir!

    • Thanks Victoria, I need to think of a new topic now as I’m running low on ideas. Well I have a few in mind but the weather has not been right for the last few days so a backup plan is needed.

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