(More) Mist Opportunities

Today’s post is a return to a misty Gunnersbury Park in West London on a cold damp Sunday afternoon. If you read yesterdays post Mist Opportunities you’ll already be aware that I forwent the warm sofa for a trip to explore the mist, or more accurately what I could accomplish in the mist.

Autumn Trees © Chris Maskell 2011

This small avenue of trees caught my eye due to the golden leaves glistening in the mist and the carpet they left on the path the trees lined. I like the way the leaves have been cleared from the grass leaving just a golden path leading into the unknown distance.

I actually needed to walk around a few times before deciding on the angle I wanted to shoot from, I wanted to present a scene that I saw in my mind, for that the lens, angle of view and POV needed to be just right.

I also adjusted exposure in order to highlight the mist and include it in the image. As with yesterdays image, processing was literally colour correction in Camera RAW and cropping in Adobe Photoshop.

Camera: Olympus E-500 with 14-45mm

Processing: Single RAW file, processed in Camera RAW, minor adjustments in Adobe Photoshop


12 responses to “(More) Mist Opportunities

  1. Hi Chris. I had to walk a bit to find the spot that conveyed that impression. The first few rows of trees did not have the right ground cover or the branches were sparse.
    This row was just so, but if you looked behind the camera the trees became Beech and had left brown leaves which blended in with the mud.

    • Thanks Scott, as someone may have said at some stage, the devil is in the detail. I moved a few stray leaves and discarded rubbish before taking the shot.

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