Mist Opportunities

Yes, the spelling is deliberate. You see the weather in London has taken a turn for the worse recently. Winter is here, blue skies replaced by grey, replaced by mist. Sunday the mist was so thick planes were grounded at the airport and I needed fog lights on the car, even in town.

I’d been looking to get out and take some pictures, but in mist and fog what can you do?

Ruined arch in mist

Well, you could sit home and re organise your image files, or wrap up, wrap the camera up and get out and look for opportunities.

I tried the latter option and I’m pleased I did. This archway was in Gunnersbury Park, I managed about 4 shots before the light went and coffee (and cake) beckoned, I’ll post more tomorrow.

I deliberately kept the processing minimal, literally colour correction in RAW and curves and minor crop in Photoshop. I did not want to degrade the image by over processing and wanted to keep the soft, muted almost ethereal tones the mist created.

Camera: Olympus E-500 with 14-45mm

Processing: Single RAW file, processed in Camera RAW, minor adjustments in Adobe Photoshop

24 responses to “Mist Opportunities

    • Thanks Mark. The atmosphere was so thick I could see it.
      I shot on -1 compensation due to the mist then fired some brackets but the -1 worked better allowing the mist to stay prominent and let the colours wash out a little

  1. LOVE this shot, Chris, can’t wait to see more my friend! I love the mist and fog we get here, it can add so much drama and interest to a photo. Keep ’em coming, my friend, really enjoying following your work lately here!!

    • Thanks Len. I wanted to use the heavy mist to create drama. Shadows loomed at you from mere feet away and you were never sure what or who was there. The tree through the arch? Yeah I moved about a few times to get that central.

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  3. Really cool Chris! I absolutely love shooting the mist. Great title by the way. Tomorrow evening we take off for London so I am hoping for some nice weather! Which reminds me, I need to chekc that out!

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