They Came From the Sea

Whitstable Pano

This is the final image in my recent series from Whitstable, Kent in the South East Corner of England.

Whitstable is known for it’s seafood, in particular Oysters. It is located on the Thames estuary where the shallow waters deposit mudflats making it a perfect breeding ground for shellfish.

Over the years I have photographed scenes around this quaint fishing town and sunsets on it’s beach but decided to wrap up with the panorama featured above.

On my way back to the shore after photographing the sunset I realised that I had a view in front of me that I had not seen before, a sweeping vista from the harbour at the far left to The Old Neptune on the right, a view that countless fisherman must have seen in the past as they came from the sea.

This is six RAW images combined in Photoshop CS5, minor adjustments were made in Camera RAW to equalise the exposures but there was little other in the way of post production.

15 responses to “They Came From the Sea

    • The main thing is to keep the tripod head level. Then overlap the shots oh and watch the exposure best to not use auto. I found with this image that I may have been better shooting vertically or two horizontal rows to avoid the long skinny final shot.

    • Thanks Chris. It was 6 RAW files the initial Pano was huge, I had to drop the image size just to work on it. I think I would approach it differently next time

    • Thanks Toad. I’ve posted several previous shots located around this bay, but all look out to the sea. It was good to grab the chance to shoot the other way

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