The Old Neptune

Moonrise over the Old Neptune

In the penultimate post in this series featuring Whitstable in Kent, we look at The Old Neptune. This stunning pub is actually located on the beach and has arguably the best beer garden in the country. As you can imagine the pub is always crowded, summer or winter, the obvious attraction being is location, however it is also a live music venue featuring a variety of acts both well known and local.

After shooting the previous few sunset images I was walking off the beach to stow the kit in the car before a small pint in the Neptune. Glancing over I was struck by the position of the moon and the mix between natural light and the light from the windows.

I adjusted the camera WB a little to warm the image then set to shooting. Due to the range in EV across the scene I opted for HDR, taking a series of shots. Back home 5 shots were fed into Photomatix, the initial result showing a remarkable mount of movement from the moon.

I reprocessed the shots but this time masking the moon so that only one image of this area was used.

Finally the image was adjusted in Photoshop CS5 for local contrast and to clean up a few areas.

17 responses to “The Old Neptune

    • Thanks Dave, I tend to get down here a few times each year and it never fails to surprise me how good the sunsets tend to be. I’m almost convinced it is because the sun tends to set in the direction of London and is shining through a lot of pollution, either way it’s always pretty stunning.

  1. Good LORD, fine sir, this is an amazing image! Love the tones and colors in the sky. That gorgeous heritage building is striking quite the pose in front of the dramatic sky, creating a ton of interest here, my friend!! Top drawer!

    • Thanks Toad old chap, jolly decent of you to say so. If you like this be sure to catch tomorrows blog. I’ve finished writing it and the accompanying image is pretty special I think.

  2. Great shot. Moon really adds another dimension and, a small point, the stripe of light through the immediate foreground somehow cements the base. Love the windows too. Well done

    • Thanks for the comments. There is a concrete storm wall at the bottom of the shot which was catching a street light. Trouble is the wall goes all around and is too close to the pub to exclude from the shot, I could have shot from further back but then the street light would be in shot and the angles were not as good, in the end I left it in and toned the light down a little.

    • Hi Len. Thanks for commenting. I’ve taken photos of the Neptune in the past but they all lacked something. I think the combination of HDR and the moon made the shot.
      The glow in the sky helped a lot too

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