I See a Bad Moon Rising

Crescent Moon

Continuing from my previous few posts featuring photos taken at Whitstable in the summer, we come to Crescent Moon.

The sun had set and I was picking my way back to the shore across mud flats and Oyster beds exposed by the low tide. I looked around and the moon had risen, the skies were hazy in the direction of the moon, which had risen roughly in the direction of London which presumably added to the haze and pollution.

I fired a few shots off, bracketing in the hope of getting a good exposure. The original crop had a couple of people in the foreground walking on the waters edge, however on processing I felt they were too small and distracting and adjusted the crop to remove them, this resulted in the vertical crop above which I kind of prefer over the original idea.

Camera: Olympus E-500

Processing: Photoshop CS5

12 responses to “I See a Bad Moon Rising

    • Thanks viv. As I posted the crop was one of necessity really, the original crop was landscape but just not right. I much prefer this. The rest is pretty much as shot apart from some burning in of the clouds to balance the darkness of the ground.

    • Hey thanks Jimi, really appreciate the comment there. The reason for the crop is in one of my replies above, suffice to say it was accidental but sometimes that’s the way it was meant to be.

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