Sunset Over Sheppy

I recently posted Strolling in the Summer Surf, this image comes from the same shoot and was taken a little earlier as I was wading out to the beds.

This is a shot across the Estuary from Whitstable, Kent facing The Isle of Sheppey. I won’t talk in detail about Sheppey, that’s for another post, suffice to say don’t visit after dark…

As the sun was setting the human sounds of the day receded being replaced by the sounds of gulls feeding on the exposed sands. The closer I walked the more birds flew away, wheeling overhead, but I was lucky to catch a few as they landed again.


9 responses to “Sunset Over Sheppy

    • Thanks Curt. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment. Not had much time for photos lately but happily that’s changed for now so I’m processing a summer backlog and looking at getting out and getting some new shots in the can.

    • Thanks Scott. There was a beached boat in the central bottom of the shot which I thought would add foreground interest. When I processed it was too distracting so I cropped it there was also a little too much empty sky so it sort of worked out for the best.

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