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I love exploring, be that forests; abandoned buildings or the back streets of a town. I find that once you get off the beaten track you discover hidden gems; things that add flavour to the area or subject that would be missed if you stayed in the tourist areas.

This is how I found the scene above, I had been exploring the harbour area in Whitstable, Kent but could not find anything that I had not seen countless times before. I decided to wander further afield into the adjacent garages and storage huts and the rusty façade beckoned me from a distance.

It was only as I drew near I saw the peeling sign and took the shot above.

Equipment: Olympus E-500, 14 – 45 Zuiko

Processing: Single RAW file processed in Photoshop CS5


13 responses to “Customer Loading Only

  1. I’m with you, Chris. Getting out there and doing a little exploring always seems to uncover some great photo ops. I really like this scene with it’s weathered sign and rusting corrugated siding as a backdrop. Nice find, man.

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