Strolling in the Summer Surf

I finally managed to make time to process and post some more images from the Summer, bad hey? But here is the first of those images.

I had made it too the beach in time for a sunset and it looked like it was going to be a corker, in the event it was a little disappointing and the sea was a long way out into the estuary.

I walked down to the waters edge (barefoot of course) to try a few angles and investigate some strange objects appearing in the receding waters, which turned out to be Oyster beds – I should have realised what was going to happen at that point…

I waded about trying to get the angle and this lady walked into view, I quickly grabbed a few shots with the oyster beds giving some foreground intrest and as the light faded made my way back to the beach.

This is where I noticed the first mistake; a massive laceration on the sole of my foot from Oyster shells (the scar remains 4 months later), the second mistake I noticed on processing; the Oyster beds on the right bottom of the shot looked great in the viewfinder but on screen looked like featureless black blobs, totally not the intention.

I resorted to removing them in Photoshop as I liked the rest of the image.

Processing: Photoshop CS5 Photomatix


8 responses to “Strolling in the Summer Surf

    • Thanks Len appreciate the comment. It was a pig when I looked at the shots and realised the oyster beds were wrong but I felt it was too good a shot to give up on especially after slicing myself open.

    • Thanks Adam appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment. A bit of a departure for me as have been a lot of my recent photos. It’s good to get feedback and even better that it’s positive.

  1. WOW, what fabulous colors and tones here, my friend. I cannot get OVER how wonderful that silhouette of the woman walking is! One of the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen this week, for sure. Well done, my friend. And talk about dedication to our craft… you sustained a rather nasty injury! I tip my hat to you, good sir.

    • Hey Toad old friend. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, it’s appreciated.
      As for the injury, I managed to cut both feet, although one was pretty bad. It was dark on the beach so I did not see how bad until I got home, by that time fibres from my sock had melded into the cut.
      I still have the scar but I got a good image at the end of it.

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