Ramsgate Maritime Museum

The Ramsgate Maritime Museum is located in England’s only Royal Harbour. The Clock House was built in 1817 by Benjamen Wyatt and George Louch. It was later altered by John Rennie and has now been designated as a Grade II listed building.


There are four permanent galleries covering the development of the harbour, navigation, fishing, lifeboats and shipwrecks. A fifth exhibition space houses a 17th century 32-pounder demi-cannon raised from the wreck of the Stirling Castle. A number of artefacts come from the nearby Goodwin Sands which is responsible for numerous of shipwrecks.

Exhibits include two museum ships: the 1946 steam tug Cervia and Sundowner, a 1912 Dunkirk little ship. The latter and it’s 3 man crew having the distinction of transporting 130 soldiers from Dunkirk to Ramsgate, the men being packed onto the deck like sardines.




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      I have a few more from this set that I hope to process and upload soon.

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