It’s August Bank Holiday in West London, that means one thing, Carnival, or more accurately Notting Hill Carnival.  Started as a celebration of West Indian culture in 1966 it has gone on to become the largest street festival of it’s type in Europe, with it’s 20 miles of costumes, 40 static sound systems, numerous food and drink vendors attracting over 1 million revellers each year.


The carnival has passed peacefully in recent years with the police enjoying the spectacle.



Hopefully this will be the story this year as well despite the recent troubles in London.



2 responses to “Carnival

    • Thanks Scott it is. I took these a couple of years back stayed away this year due to the recent trouble, the carnival is less than a mile from me but it was not worth it. Even picking my daughter up from work 5 mins from carnival I counted 12 police vans headed to notting hill with sirens blaring.

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